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Monday, June 16, 2008

And There Was Not Even a Followup

Here is an interview between IE political staff with a senior member of the leftist Congress I party, Prithiviraj Chavan, Minister of State but part of PMO. Here is Chavan's answer to a question followed by another question:

(PC:) I think we are becoming too minister-centric in states and even at the centre. Nobody will trade a ministerial position for a party position. The power that a minister enjoys of dispensing favours, of amassing wealth and patronage is so huge that people take up party responsibility only to see that they will get ministerial berth later on. That is something we have to introspect: how to re-organise the party.

•SHAWAN SEN: What is your opinion of the Gurjjar stir and their demand for ST status?
Is't amazing based on what the answer was, that there was no follow up question on that issue? Is Congress I so corrupt that follow up question is not necessary? I wonder what the IE political staff would do if BJP gave a similar answer to a question.

If there was any doubt that socialism, with it's vast power of government to control all economic activity of the country, is evil that statement should put to rest any doubt.