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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Who Surprised Whom!

We must, by far and away, be the worst country on the planet when it comes to national security and protecting border. Chinese walk all over the existing border including building roads and other infrastructure. And apparently:

During the recent visit of India's External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee to Beijing, the Chinese reportedly stunned him by raising the issue of Finger Area.
Here is the aggressor taking the issue to heart of the matter. It should us who bring the issues and take Chinese to task - as the foreign minister said he would before taking that plane to Beijing. Apparently he did not. May be he was saying hindi chini bhai bhai. After all he crushed the Tibetian protests in our country to please his Chinese friends and, of course, to please leftist Congress I's communist traitors in bed.

Here is what we are avoiding that the former commerce minister, Subramanian Swamy, says we should be talking about:
In particular, a crucial choice will have to be made. Choice I: India could form a compact with China. Choice II: It could become part of the U.S. efforts to keep China ‘contained’. How and why the choice is to be made must be subject to an in-depth analysis and national debate. Either India befriends China in a fundamental and strategic sense, or India confronts China. There is no third way.