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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Not Just a Mouth Piece But a Propaganda Machine in the Kingdom Itself

Sri B. Raman writes of The Hindu's editor N. Ram's attacks on Sri Dalai Lama that are being used as propaganda and required reading by, hold you breath, the Communist Chinese political honchos themselves!! Apparently N. Ram's thesis bashing his holiness Lama was translated into Tibetan and Uighur languages and made required reading for the people of those regions. I suppose it shouldn't be a surprise how close N. Ram is to his beloved country and their leaders.

Shri N.Ram, the well-known Editor-in-Chief of "The Hindu" of Chennai, has been the toast of China for an article purported to have beenwritten by him refuting the allegations levelled by the Dalai Lama and his supporters regarding the events of March in Lhasa . The Chineseauthorities have been gratified by what they see as his vigorous articulation of the version of the events as put out by them.

2. A report on Shri Ram's article disseminated by the State-owned Hsinhua news agency of China is annexed. It is learnt that this has beentranslated into the Tibetan and Uighur languages and copies distributed in all the monasteries and educational institutions in theTibetan-inhabited areas of China. It has also been made required reading in the patriotic re-education classess for Tibetans being organisedby the Chinese authorities.
Here is that N. Ram's article that the Chinese Communists translated.