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Friday, June 13, 2008

It's Official - Maoists and Islamists Are Now Partners in Terror

Call them the Mao-Islamists - Only Group Left to Join in is Our English News Media

One had a nagging feeling when the so called human rights activists, sympathizers of Maoists terrorists, try to divert attention when an Islamic group kills tens or hundreds of people during their bombing fests, as happened as recently as Jaipur bombings. Or when the left wingers join forces to defend a terrorist conspirator, Mahmood Afzal, for attacking, of all places, the Parliament when it was in full session.

Apparently all that was ground work for what was to come next - an official partnership between the two terrorist group and their various support groups.

Calling themselves “the victims of state terror”, the two improbable partners had sat together for the first time and called for resistance against all kinds of terror unleashed by the State and Central governments against Maoists and Muslims. The meeting was held in Kerala last month.

The main forces behind the move are — ‘Porattom’, a Maoist group having base in South India, Minority Watch, a human rights organisation suspected of having close links with the banned Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) and National Democratic Front (NDF), a radical Muslim group accused of having similar links with the banned Islamic Sevak Sangh (ISS)...

The meeting was also attended by some civil society movements including Confederation of Human Rights Organisation (CHRO) and People’s Union Civil Liberty (PUCL) working against encounter killings and anti-terror laws.

Normally, non-secular Islamics fundamentalists would crush any left wing activities in the areas under their control, say, in the Gulf region. And the Godless Maoists would push any religious activities underground, like the Stalin's Soviet or Mao's China. But ideology of terror can make strange bedfellows.

One can only imagine the English media joining in transforming their role from being just apologists to both the Maoists and Islamic terror groups. Unsurprisingly, as suspected even by casual observers, many of the so-called "human rights groups", groups doing the bitting for Maoists and Islamic terror groups, also joined in the partnership.

Also imagine if the major foreign powers joins in from the east and north to support the entire Mao-Islamists terror infrastructure to undermine the country when they deem appropriate. It would be the continuation of thousand year assault on Bharat - the Islamic onslaught since the 8th century followed Christian European onslaught since the 16th century. I think our nationalists celebrated too soon, in 1947, when India finally got independence, that the assaults will finally cease.

One has to wonder if the Bharatiya state is capable of standing up to this partnership and fight back. Surely more than half the political spectrum, the secular apologists all, which are already steeped in appeasement of Islamic forces - those quotes and reservations and, of course, first claim to national resources - and in apologizing to Maoists terror - "they are our family", cannot or will not put up a fight. The task is daunting indeed for the right thinking people in power. I shudder to think what if Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Sri Advani and their cohorts decided not to form BJP and call it quits after the dismantling of Janata Party post-1980 elections losses. Who would right minded people turn in a democracy if not the political parties?


Apollo said...

well now it is official.that's all

Elvira said...

Thanks for writing this.