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Monday, June 23, 2008

Those Hindu Terrorists

Apparently a motley crew does exist! Indian Express briefly profiles various groups, including the group that set off crude bombs in Mumbai last week, that want to take up arms and fight. Apparently they are fighting for Hindu cause because, according to them, Hindus are under grave threat. Not sure how they are going to fight the threat by blowing up innocent people. Talk about copy cats. Needless to say, the idiots needs to be put away.

One of the groups is called SS - Sanatana Sanstha!! This is exactly what the self-appointed secular bridges are looking for. One can image their excitement to club these motley crew with the Bharatiya right even as they offer apologies to the real terrorists that are killing hundreds every year - the Islamic and Maoists groups.

The five men were members of the Sanatan Sanstha (SS) and the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS), hitherto little-known groups operating in the hinterland of Maharashtra and Goa. Two of them are also members of another newly launched outfit called the Dharmashakti Sena, pictures of whose inaugural rally in April show young men dressed in military fatigues.

These groups, which work like wheels within wheels, have been quietly mobilising Hindus on a cocktail of Ramrajya, Hindu dharma and “dharmakranti” — religious revolution — in and around Mumbai for a few years now....
While the motley crew will be used as an excuse to further not do much about tackling Islamic terror in the country, one should challenge the secular bridge to tackle "all" terror groups by passing workable anti-terror laws and to investigate and arrest all the terrorists.